Help is a FREE comprehensive on-line database of government, nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations that:

  • Provide human, health, public, community or other essential services
  • Provide free, subsidized or not-for-profit services
  • Support Pike County residents

Other organizations that support Pike County are listed if they provide essential or commonly sought services by county residents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to register to use the site?  No. All content on the site is available without registration. Registration is only required to add an agency profile, community event, job/volunteer position or other content to the site.

How do I search for information on the site?

  • Use the "Search for Organization by Name" box on the home page.
  • Select a category under "Organizations" and use the drop down box at the top of the next page to select a subcategory.
  • Select "All Items" under "Organizations" and then use the search box under the green header "Community Services Directory".  Note that this search will only search within the category or subcategory selected.  Therefore selecting all items searches all profiles.
  • Don't forget that the search feature of your browser (e.g., Edit - Find) can also be used to search the displayed page.

How do I print an organization's profile?  Limit the number of profiles displayed by using an appropriaty subcategory or search term and then print from your browser's menu.  A single profile can also be printed by selecting or highlighting the profile text with your mouse and printing the selection from your browser (e.g., Right-Click the selection - Print - Print Range - Selection).

How do I link to an organization's profile?  Select "Permalink" located under the updated date/time for the desired profile.  Bookmark the resulting page or copy the link displayed in your browser's address window.

How do I become a registered user on this site?  The link to the Login and Register page is located in the green tab in the upper corner of the page.  User accounts from the original site were transferred to the new site.  Previous users will be asked to change their password when logging into the new site for the first time.

I am a registered user. How do I add an agency profile?  Display a list of organizations by selecting any categtory such as "Arts & Cultural". The category does not need to be the same as your organization. Then use the UPLOAD button near the top of the page under the green header "Community Services Directory".  Registered users can create profiles for more than one agency or program. 

Refer to the "Template Profile" in the list of organizations or click here to open the template profile.  This format must be followed and the moderator will correct profiles as needed.  The moderator also needs to approve all new and updated profiles before they are visible to the public.  See also "How do I edit my profile?" below.

How do I edit my profile?  Display your profile and click on the pencil icon near the graphic and title of your profile. The moderator needs to approve the edited profile before its available to other users. The review and approval process may take a few days.  In the meantime, you can edit your profile as needed and all changes will be visible when approved by the moderator.

How do I complete the agency profile form?  Most items on the agency profile form do not need an explaination but note the following:

  • Categories: Users should select the categories for thier agency but the moderator will ultimately decide which categories are most appropriate. The main category also needs to be checked when any subcategory is used e.g., "Health Services" and "Health Services-Advocacy". 
  • Agency Address and Tagline boxes: The simplist way to enter data into these sections is to use the "Basic Text Box" and "Text" options. No HTML coding is required but HTML codes can be used. The "Rich Text Editor" can be used but is not as user friendly. The Rich Text Editor can be opened to full screen using the maximize icon on the bottom row of the editor menu near the questionmark for help.
  • Agency Tagline: Place the phone number through keywords in this section.

Refer to the "Template Profile" in the list of organizations or click here to open the template profile.  This format must be followed and the moderator will correct profiles as needed.

How do I post a Community Event?  Only registered users can post events.  Community events sponsored by government, nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations for Pike County or nearby areas can be listed on this site.  Events from other organizations or businesses can also be listed if they benefit the community in some way and are not entirely commercial.   For registered users, the community events edit menu is at the bottom of the events page.  Events are posted immediately without review but the moderators have the right to edit or delete events as they deem appropriate. 

What are the main rules for posting a Community Event? 

  • Use short titles for ease of reading on the monthly calendar view.
  • Do not use light colored or extra small fonts since they are difficult for the visually impaired to read.
  • Flag events as important only if they are expected to draw about 100 people or more or if they are truely rare or critical events.

How do I post a position on the Job/Volunteer Board?  Only registered users can post on the Job/Volunteer Board.  Select "Post New Job" on the menu to the right.  Fill in the form.  Note that HTML code is allowable in the "Job Description" box or use the Rich Text Editor.  If a Desired Skill or Company Benefit is not on the provied list than add it to the "Job Description" box. 

For Volunteer Positions, use "Contract" as the Job Type unless another option is applicable.  Also, use the "Other (such as DOE, salary range, negotiable)" option for salary.  A "0" in the Starting Salary is only allowed if "Other" is selected. 

To edit your posting, use the small yellow pencil icon on the far right in the grey bar of the position's title.

More Information and Help

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